Rent Doesn’t Take a Recess But Senator Gardner Does - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Rent Doesn’t Take a Recess But Senator Gardner Does

Days after millions of Coloradans had to pay rent or their mortgages, John Hickenlooper is calling on Senator Cory Gardner to come back from his vacation and deliver relief for struggling families:

“While millions of Coloradans struggle to figure out how they’re going to pay their rent, mortgages, and other bills, Cory Gardner and Mitch McConnell’s broken Senate continues its reckless two week vacation. People need help now. The President should stop ignoring this crisis, and the Senate should get back to work to deliver the relief that Colorado families and small businesses need.”

On Monday, John called on both Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to end the scheduled two-week recess and return to work to pass urgent relief for Colorado families, small businesses, and medical workers. Over the course of this week, he called on Senator Gardner and his colleagues to end their vacation early to get to work extending the unemployment benefits that are set to expire in two weeks and getting medical workers the protective gear they need, and on Senator Gardner to stand up to Trump flouting CDC guidelines for schools.