Hickenlooper Unveils Equity For All Platform - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Hickenlooper Unveils Equity For All Platform

Hickenlooper Announces Plan At Racial Justice Forum Amidst National Conversation About Systemic Injustices

Today, at the Colorado Racial Justice Senate Forum sponsored by a coalition of organizations led by people of color, John Hickenlooper announced his new Equity for All platform. At a time when the nation is gripped by the murders of Black men over the last few weeks, it has become more critical than ever to address the inequities that pervade our system.

“Every individual deserves to live in a country where biases against race do not determine their opportunity to succeed,” said Hickenlooper. “Whether in health care, the economy, the legal system, the environment, or our democracy, greater equity is not optional — it is required. We have a moral imperative to do far better than we ever have before, and I am committed to being a fierce advocate in this fight.”

The Equity for All platform addresses inequity in five ways:

  • Increasing Health Equity
  • Expanding Economic Equity
  • Securing Legal Equity
  • Growing Environmental Equity
  • Protecting Democratic Equity

You can read John’s full Equity for All platform HERE or in Spanish HERE.

Yesterday, John released a statement addressing the pain and frustration Black and Brown Americans are feeling in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the urgent need to advance racial justice.