In the Final Stretch, Hickenlooper And Special Guests Rally Colorado Volunteers - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

In the Final Stretch, Hickenlooper And Special Guests Rally Colorado Volunteers

Election Day is days away and already over 2 million Coloradans have cast their ballots, far surpassing the number of votes cast at this point in 2016 and 2018. For the last two weeks, John Hickenlooper has traveled virtually across the state to team up with local, state, and national leaders to get out the vote and share his vision for the future of Colorado. 

Here are some highlights from the past two weeks:

Yesterday, John joined Senator Dick Durbin and representatives from United Farm Workers to discuss John’s strong record of fighting for DREAMers in Colorado. Senator Durbin authored the DREAM Act nearly twenty years ago, and he knows John will be a champion for immigrants and finally take action to protect DREAMers in the U.S. Senate.

On Thursday, Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood, joined John for a discussion about the need to protect reproductive freedom and the importance of defeating Prop. 115. 

“We need to elect Senators and members of Congress who can take proactive action to protect and expand our rights, not only to reproductive health care but [also] to health care — and that is why this race in Colorado is so critically important.”-Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

Earlier this week, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Sen. Sherrod Brown teamed up with John for two back-to-back phone banks focused on John’s vision for the future and his support for working families and our brothers and sisters in labor.

“The skills that made him a great governor, we need in the Senate. He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a pragmatic problem solver, he’s a builder — that’s what made him such a popular governor. He tried to make things better and solved problems, and that’s what we need in D.C.” – Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

Volunteers also got a chance to hear from DNC Chair Tom Perez for a special discussion on what’s at stake this election and the importance of electing John Hickenlooper.

Veterans Jason Kander and David Ortiz joined John to talk about the importance of fighting for our service members, veterans, and military families in Congress. 

Senator Tammy Baldwin, Congresswoman Diana DeGette and Rep. Daneya Esgar hosted a conversation on what’s at stake for the LGBTQ community and the importance of allyship.  

“I cannot wait for Coloradans to send us John Hickenlooper as your next U.S. Senator… I need look no further than John Hickenlooper’s incredible record in the state of Colorado doing things before they were cool—demanding equal opportunities and equal treatment for all Coloradans.” – Senator Tammy Baldwin

Senator Tammy Duckworth made a virtual visit to Colorado to join John for a phonebank and GOTV kickoff. They discussed the need to end Mitch McConnell’s majority in the U.S. Senate. 

John was also joined by actress Emmy Rossum for a GOTV phone bank where she fired up volunteers to get out the vote for John Hickenlooper.

Secretary Julián Castro joined John for a discussion on environmental justice and the importance of addressing climate change.

La Junta Mayor Jeffri Pruyn moderated a discussion between John and Mayor Pete Buttigieg on public service and how serving as mayors has informed their approach to politics. 

“Senator Gardner missed a leadership opportunity… the whole Senate GOP is letting us down… all eyes are on states like Colorado.” – Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Endorsed by over a dozen unions, John also joined SEIU and labor leaders from across Colorado for a labor GOTV phone bank.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Jason Crow spoke with Colorado volunteers on the importance of electing John Hickenlooper and flipping the Senate. 

“We need change in the White House, and we need it now. But if we’re going to make the kind of change that touches people’s lives, this election has to be about a lot more than just defeating Donald Trump. That means we have a second job, take back the Senate. Yes, we need Joe in the White House. But we also need to take back the Senate to give us a chance to address the triple crisis of COVID-19, racial injustice, and an economy that is being dragged over a cliff. And that means we need John Hickenlooper as the next senator from the great state of Colorado.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

Highlighting his record of passing gun violence prevention legislation, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action stood with John for a conversation about Senator Gardner’s inaction on gun violence and the need to pass universal background checks in Congress.

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