Hickenlooper: Cory Gardner’s Cowardly Silence on COVID Relief Speaks Volumes - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Hickenlooper: Cory Gardner’s Cowardly Silence on COVID Relief Speaks Volumes

Following multiple reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Senator Cory Gardner and the Republican caucus that he was urging the White House to block any COVID relief before the election and another stunt vote by Senate Republicans today, John Hickenlooper released the following statement:

“Mitch McConnell is deliberately sabotaging COVID relief negotiations, and — yet again — Coloradans are getting nothing but cowardly silence from Cory Gardner. His political games and refusal to negotiate cost Coloradans who are struggling to put food on the table, make their rent or mortgage, and pay their bills. Coloradans are tired of Senator Gardner putting Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and his special interest backers ahead of them. It’s clear Washington won’t change unless we change the people there, and that’s why I’m in this race.” 

In last week’s debate, Hickenlooper called on Senator Gardner to stand up to McConnell and refuse to vote on a Supreme Court nominee until COVID relief is negotiated and passed. Cory Gardner stayed silent — even when McConnell deliberately tanked negotiations — and instead supported McConnell’s latest partisan stunt that slashes emergency unemployment benefits, shortchanges aid to state and local governments, and fails to include direct relief payments to Coloradans and housing assistance.

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