Hickenlooper Blasts Roll Back of Methane Emission Regulations - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Hickenlooper Blasts Roll Back of Methane Emission Regulations

Under Governor Hickenlooper, Colorado Led the Nation with Pioneering Methane Emission Regulations

John Hickenlooper, Candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado, released the following statement blasting Cory Gardner and Donald Trump following the EPA’s announcement that it would be rolling back its regulation of methane emissions:

“This shameful announcement by the Trump Administration that they are rolling back methane regulations shows exactly why we so desperately need a change in Washington. We should also ask why the energy industry is not loudly protesting this proposed rollback; their employees breathe the same air the rest of us breathe, and we all inhabit the same planet.”

“We’re running out of time to confront climate change. Yet while his fellow Washington Republicans are taking our nation and planet in exactly the wrong direction, Cory Gardner is standing idly by and enabling their dangerous plans.”

“I was proud when Colorado became a model for our country when we passed landmark methane regulations in 2014 and the EPA followed our lead shortly after. Yet irresponsible politicians like Donald Trump and Cory Gardner are still working to roll back that progress. It’s clear we need a change in Washington; it’s time for Colorado to elect an independent leader who will stand up for our state and planet.”