Colorado Climate Leaders Endorse Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Colorado Climate Leaders Endorse Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Today, several Colorado environmental leaders including state Senator Chris Hansen, former U.S. Senate candidate and Colorado House Majority Leader Alice Madden, and former state Senator and Colorado environmental champion Dan Grossman endorsed John Hickenlooper’s campaign for the U.S. Senate during a discussion about the urgent need for the Senate to take action on climate change.

“We have the opportunity to elect a proven climate leader to the U.S. Senate, and I’m proud to endorse John Hickenlooper” said Hansen. “As governor, John was able to bring people together to make strides in the fight against climate change, and I know he’ll bring that ability to deliver to Washington. The stakes are too high, and we can’t afford more of the dangerous inaction we’ve seen from Senator Gardner.”

“The climate crisis has been ignored by politicians in Washington for far too long,” said Madden. “Senator Cory Gardner and President Trump are too preoccupied with pleasing the special interests and lobbyists who line their pockets and campaign coffers — and they’ve already proven that they won’t lift a finger to repair the environmental disaster they’ve caused. Climate is on the ballot this November, and the only way to ensure the future of our planet is by electing John Hickenlooper and flipping the Senate.”

“Colorado is known for its bold action on climate change, and that’s because John Hickenlooper made climate a priority when he was governor,” said Grossman. “I know as Senator, Hickenlooper will continue to bring people together to solve one of the biggest issues of our lifetimes. Senator Gardner can’t fool us, we know that not only has he failed to take action to address the crisis but he’s actually taken us backwards by supporting the rollback of protections for clean air and water. While John Hickenlooper supports a 100% clean economy, Cory Gardner stands “100%, no waver” with a President who’s called the climate crisis a hoax. The choice couldn’t be clearer for voters who want to fight for the future of our planet — we need to elect John Hickenlooper to jumpstart start the fight against climate change in Washington.”

“Climate change is the biggest threat we face as a state, as a nation, and as a planet, and these leaders know what’s at stake in this election,” said John Hickenlooper. “I’m grateful to have the support of these great Colorado environmental leaders. We need to shift to a green, renewable energy economy as quickly as possible, and we can only do that if we flip this Senate seat in November. I look forward to working with my friends here today and others across the nation and world to combat climate change and deliver real results for Colorado.”

Three years ago this week, Governor Hickenlooper committed Colorado to the Paris Climate Accords after President Trump recklessly pulled the United States from the agreement. In addition to committing Colorado to dramatically cutting greenhouse gas emissions and shifting to clean energy sources, John successfully implemented the “gold standard” for methane regulations that later went on to become the national model in the United States and Canada. He also oversaw the retirement of two coal-fired power plants, moving them towards renewable energy and battery storage and helped create thousands of good-paying renewable energy jobs. 

Meanwhile, Senator Cory Gardner has refused to act on climate change and voted to dismantle critical protections for our clean air and water, earning him a failing 11 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters.