Voting in Colorado

Voting in Colorado

In Colorado, every active registered voter receives a ballot in the mail automatically. Counties will begin to mail out ballots on October 9. Make sure your mailing address is up-to-date >>

  1. Voting by mail: Once you have filled out your ballot, put it in the enclosed envelope. Remember to sign the back of the envelope and add 2 stamps, then put it in the mail! Mail your ballot on or before October 26 to ensure it arrives by Election Day.
  2. Dropping off your ballot: Ballot drop boxes will open starting on October 9. You can drop your ballot off at any drop box 24 hours a day, or at a Voter Service & Polling Center until 7:00pm on November 3rd. Find a drop box >>
  3. Voting in person: You can vote in person starting on October 19 at a Voting Service & Polling Center in your county. Find a VSPC >>


You can register to vote up through the minute polls close on Election Day.

If you have a Colorado ID you can register to vote online, or in person at a VSPC beginning on October 19 through 7:00pm on November 3.

If you do not have a Colorado ID you can print out & mail in this form or register in person at a VSPC beginning on October 19 through 7:00pm November 3.


October 9: Counties start mailing ballots and some drop boxes open
October 19: Drop boxes & VSPCs open across the state
October 26: Last day to register and still be sent a ballot in the mail
October 26: Last day to mail your ballot back to ensure delivery by November 3
November 3: ELECTION DAY! Polls close at 7:00pm

Questions about voting? Call the Voter Protection Hotline at 720-580-0148.


You can sign up to track your ballot here

For more information, contact the Colorado Secretary of State or your local county clerk & recorder.

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