Voting Rights & Campaign Finance Reform - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Voting Rights & Campaign Finance Reform

Our government is broken and dysfunctional. Decades of weakening our campaign finance laws have led to corruption in Washington, and dark money floods the bank accounts of politicians willing to be bought off. Americans’ trust in their government is at an all-time low, and who could blame us for feeling that way? Washington politicians stand by while corporate money lines their pockets and nothing gets done for working people. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Unlike Senator Gardner, I’ve pledged not to take any corporate PAC money during this campaign. We need to put power back in the hands of people, not special interests. In the Senate, I’ll do what bought-off politicians won’t, and will fight to overturn Citizens United, and support legislation like H.R. 1, which would help curb the influence of special interests in our government.

When I was Governor, I worked with the legislature to make sure that every eligible registered voter in Colorado gets a mail-in ballot, and we made it so that voters can register to vote online, and at any time — even on Election Day.  Automatic voter registration, mail-in ballots, and fixing the Voting Rights Act — which has been gutted of its protections for communities of color by the Supreme Court — will make voter suppression a relic of the past and make sure that our politicians are held accountable. Policies like this help everyone participate in our democracy, no matter their party affiliation. And we must bolster the defense of our voting systems by reversing Washington’s failure to fund cybersecurity efforts in our electoral systems to ensure that our elections are free of foreign influence.

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