Seniors - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate


Coloradans believe that we all deserve a secure retirement and dignity in our golden years. But reckless Washington politicians have put our retirement security on the chopping block to fund their handouts to special interests.

President Trump pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, but has now  proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare, and he and Senator Gardner support ending health-care coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

It’s time to renew our promise to older and younger generations alike that a dignified and stable retirement is the cornerstone of aging in America.

We can do this by protecting Social Security and Medicare, as well as by proactively bolstering these programs so that they remain solvent for years to come. We must cut the cost of prescription drugs by increasing transparency and accountability for drug pricing and allowing the safe importation of life-saving medications from Mexico and Canada — policies that will help lower Medicare expenses and bring down health-care costs overall. And if the VA can negotiate cheaper prescription drug prices, why can’t Medicare? We must do more for all of the families who are paying much more than they should for the medication they need. 

We can reimagine what it means to be older in America by making it easier to live independently. By improving transportation options and controlling housing and health-care costs, we can help more people live life on their own terms. We can better aid older Americans in determining their eligibility and access to SNAP benefits, and we will recommit ourselves to fighting elder abuse at every level of the law.

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