IN THE LOOP: Hick Gains Momentum Heading into Primary Election - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

IN THE LOOP: Hick Gains Momentum Heading into Primary Election

Endorsement Corner
John is honored and proud to have the support from many influential leaders across Colorado. Endorsements from just this week include former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritterformer Colorado Speaker Terrance Carrollformer Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher, and former Lt. Governor Barbara O’BrienTwenty former backers of Andrew Romanoff have also flipped their support to Hickenlooper. Leaders are rallying behind John because they know he is the strongest candidate to take on Senator Gardner and fix Washington.

The Case for John Hickenlooper
Colorado leaders signed a joint letter to express their support for John because they know he is the right candidate to take on Senator Gardner.

They wrote:

“Simply put, there are few politicians in Colorado, from any party, who can match Hickenlooper’s record and personal story. Sometimes in life and in politics, issues are complicated. However, the decision for the election next November is an easy one. We believe our friend John Hickenlooper can carry our party’s banner and will make our state proud. We urge our fellow Coloradans to support him.”

Read the full letter HERE.

John Hickenlooper to Cory Gardner: “Stop playing politics with lives.”
This week, President Trump — with support from his loyal followers like Senator Gardner — filed a brief against the Affordable Care Act. If it were to succeed, millions of Americans could be left uninsured during a global pandemic. 

Here is John’s message to Senator Gardner:

“Coloradans know that Senator Gardner has been trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act for a decade. But Senator Gardner also promised to stand up to his party when they’re wrong, and ripping health care away from millions in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis is certainly a moment to speak out. 

“Senator Gardner says he has President Trump’s ear. Now he has a chance to finally do the right thing and stop this unconscionable lawsuit. Stand up for Coloradans instead of Trump and your wealthy donors, Senator Gardner. Stop playing politics with lives.”

Read the full release HERE. 

Trump Attacks Vote By Mail — Gardner Remains Silent
John released a statement in response to President Trump predicting that vote-by-mail will lead to “the most corrupt election in the history of our country” at a rally in Arizona and called out Senator Gardner for his failure to speak up for Colorado’s elections: 

“President Trump’s lies about vote by mail are threatening the safety and integrity of this November’s elections. Expanding mail-in voting is vital to protecting Americans’ health and the health of our democracy. Mail-in ballots increase turnout and are secure — Colorado passed universal vote by mail when I was Governor, and we’ve been called the ‘safest state to cast a vote.’

“This is a deliberate attempt to suppress the vote in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s time for Trump’s enablers in Congress to take a stand — starting with Senator Cory Gardner. Senator Gardner won his seat in Colorado’s first statewide vote by mail election, so why won’t he stand up to Trump and tell him to quit the lies?”

Read the full release HERE.

End Citizens United and Protecting Our Democracy
This week, John joined State Senator Jeff Bridges and President of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller to discuss how we can protect our democracy by expanding voting rights and getting money out of politics.

During the event, John announced his plan for “Protecting Our Democracy.” Decades of weakening campaign finance laws have made our government broken and dysfunctional. John’s plan includes passing the For the People Act — a sweeping campaign finance, voting rights, and ethics reform bill that’s been stuck in the Republican Senate — and taking bold steps to reduce corporate influence in politics and strengthen government oversight. 

John’s plan also calls for passing the Democracy For All constitutional amendment, which would overturn Citizens United and stop the unlimited dark money that has corrupted our elections. Senator Gardner has failed to support this amendment and is one of the top recipients of corporate PAC money in Congress — taking over $5.4 million dollars, while John won’t accept a penny.

 You can read his full plan HERE.

Mayors Get Things Done
Mayors Wellington Webb and Michael Hancock of Denver and Tara Schoedinger of Jamestown joined John to talk about how important it is to win this race and flip the Senate. As the former Mayor of Denver, John knows that mayors get things done — and that’s what we need to do in Washington.


Black Lives Matter Tele-townhall with State Senator Rhonda Fields
State Senator Rhonda Fields joined John for a Black Lives Matter tele-townhall. John knows we need meaningful and comprehensive change — he is committed to fighting against the racial injustices that have plagued our country for far too long.

El Comercio: Hickenlooper: “Seré la voz de los pequeños negocios en el senado federal”
John did an interview with El Comercio where he explained his vision for Colorado and how he will be a voice for small businesses in the U.S. Senate. Latino-owned businesses are a vital part of Colorado’s economy, and the government should do whatever it can to make sure these businesses survive COVID-19.

Watch HERE

Hickenlooper in El Semanario: “Una Victoria Para Los DREAMers, Pero Hay Más Trabajo Por Hacer”
In an op-ed published by El Semanario and the Boulder Daily Camera, John celebrated the Supreme Court ruling over DACA and recognized that the fight isn’t over. Colorado is home for nearly 15,000 DREAMers, and John won’t rest until they have a path to citizenship.

John wrote: 

“Los Dreamers están aquí para quedarse. No hay duda de que esto es un triunfo. Pero tenemos mucho más que hacer para restaurar la humanidad a nuestro sistema de inmigración fallido. Hasta que la Ley del Sueño y Promesa Estadounidense (conocido en inglés como el American Dream and Promise Act) sea aprobado y tomemos acción para mantener la unidad de las familias, el Presidente Trump y su política de temor y miedo tendrán demasiado poder en nuestras comunidades. Tenemos que continuar adelante por crear una ruta permanente hacia la ciudadanía para nuestros Dreamers, y tenemos que empezar lo más pronto posible.”

Read the full op-ed HERE (or in English HERE).

Talking Entrepreneurship and DACA with DREAMer and Denver Small Business Owner
Last weekend, John stopped by Alejandro Flores-Muñoz’s new restaurant in Westwood to talk about entrepreneurship and immigration. Flores-Muñoz is the first DACA recipient in Denver to open a small business. 

Even though the Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping DACA, Senator Gardner stands by as President Trump continues his effort to try and deport DREAMers. In the Senate, John will fight to pass the DREAM Act and for comprehensive immigration reform that gives DREAMers a pathway to citizenship.


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