Hickenlooper on The Last Word: “Vote, Vote, Vote” - John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Hickenlooper on The Last Word: “Vote, Vote, Vote”

“In the face of the pandemic here’s Cory Gardner and Donald Trump trying to roll back the Affordable Care Act, get rid of it now in the courts, get rid of protections for pre-existing medical conditions — we’ve got 2.4 million Coloradans with pre-existing conditions”

In case you missed it, John Hickenlooper joined Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC’s The Last Word to talk about Senator Cory Gardner’s failed response on the coronavirus pandemic, how Hickenlooper will bring people together in Washington to get things done, and how important it is for Coloradans to vote in the final days of the election.

Watch HERE:

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